Vintaj Sizzix DecoEtch Embossing Die - India Archway


Price for one die. V-658309

Each DecoEtch die instantly etches (without the use of chemicals) intricate patterns onto different shapes of Vintaj blanks. Use it to create or decorate unique metal embellishments for personalized projects such as jewelry, cards, scrapbook pages, boxes, frames and much more. To highlight the raised areas of the blank, use the Vintaj Metal Reliefing block. For different design possibilities with a DecoEtch die, place the metal blank onto varying areas of the die with each use. (This gives the added benefit of more even wear.)

This DecoEtch die is for use with Vintaj metal blanks and malleable metals only in the compatible embossing machine of your choice.

 Vintaj Bracelet Design - Marrakesh Marketplace

The Marrakesh Marketplace bracelet, designed by Jess Italia Lincoln, was made using Vintaj Brass Tapestry Bead Caps BC0007, the Vintaj Brass Etruscan Drop Filigree F30, the Vintaj Brass Peony Filigree F340, a Vintaj 30mm square blank, and the Vintaj Sizzix DecoEmboss India Archway Embossing Die V-658309.

India Archway Necklace

This necklace was designed by Mackie Mullane of Vintaj.  It features the Lapis patina from the Faded Pickup patina set along with the Garnet patina from the Painted Barn set, which we also have available.  Other Vintaj components used to make this necklace include the Copper Archival Key, Filigree Droplet wrap beads, Large Ornate Tag, and the Altered Blank small rectangle. The impression on the Large Ornate Tag was made with the Vintaj Sizzix DecoEtch Embossing Die - India Archway.


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